Upcoming Technology Trends for 2022

2022 promises to be an interesting year with many exciting technologies on the horizon. Experts and industry leaders have laid out some expectations for developments to come in the year ahead including technologies in both the industrial and consumer spaces, these developments have the power to improve the way we do business and live our lives. Read below for the highlights on some of the most exciting upcoming technologies we have identified.


Robotics have been used commercially since the 1960s but have entered the consumer space in recent years. The consumer market has been a hard target for manufacturers to hit due to scalability and cost except for the highly popular robotic vacuums. But through 2020, the consumer robotic market earned 10.4 Billion in revenue showing growth of $448 million (4.3%) beating industry expectations. Despite manufacturers seeing setbacks due to international shipping and shortage problems in 2021, high fourth-quarter earnings showed consumers growing focus on their homes. Industry leaders predict this uptick in interest will eventually lead to more adoption and a movement towards more “social” consumer robotics.

Robotic technology improvements are also expected to continue to improve in the industrial space. As robot dexterity improves along with processing and algorithm application, manufacturers will be able to complete more task-specific jobs and give more capability to smaller manufacturers.

Medical Technology

Healthcare is a large industry with recent global events promising growth in the near and far future. As technology has advanced, data collection has become easier for providers to execute and apply in the industry. Medical experts have begun taking advantage of data collection to improve treatment options and patient outcomes and gain a better understanding of illness in our population. Establishing additional technical infrastructure will also aid pharmaceutical companies in developing new treatments in the future.

One of the few positive impacts of COVID-19 has been a drive towards telemedicine. The need for telemedicine has forced providers, governments, and insurance organizations to consider greater uses than just basic checkups. As both providers and patients have realized the convenience of telemedicine, technological infrastructure development has been kicked into high gear. Advances in medical technology will also make remote patient monitoring easier bridging some gaps for providers. These advancements promise easier patient experiences and more accessibility to medical experts regardless of location.

Electronic Vehicles

The topic of Electric Vehicles has been in the public consciousness for quite a while but increased focus has been put on this topic recently with Austria, China, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Japan, the Netherlands, Portuga,l, Korea, and Spain all setting official targets for electric car sales. As this market continues to emerge, companies and governments are making major moves to create electric car infrastructure to support consumer adoption. Wide implementation of both public and home charging stations needs to be implemented in most countries before the electric option becomes reasonable for the majority of consumers. With the transition from gasoline to electric clearly in the focus of many governments, industry experts and lawmakers expect large increases in investment in the required infrastructure in 2022.

Cloud-Native Platforms

As businesses and consumers continue to move to both public and hybrid cloud solutions, cloud-native platforms, and cloud computing present many new options for improving operations and efficiency. Cloud-native platforms allow organizations to effectively take advantage of cloud computing to support their business functions or projects. They consist of reusable segments called microservices that are created to be integrated into any cloud environment. These microservices are used together as the building blocks of whole applications but can also be individually scaled through automation processes. Gartner, Inc predicts heavy adoption in 2022 expecting Cloud-Native Platforms to be used in 95% of digital initiatives by 2025 (compared to 40% in 2021).

Experts expect high adoption due to the variety of functions that these platforms can be used for. Standardized cloud-native solutions have already been developed for space management, serverless functions, infrastructure data, delivery, service management, architectural planning, and processes management as well as other applications.

Hyper Automation

Hyperautomation is the process of automating everything in a business that can be automated or complete automation from end-to-end allowing businesses to do more with less. It can also add data intelligence and insight to your automated process through AI and machine learning capabilities. Gartner, Inc has stated that Hyperautomation is essential to push towards desired technological outcomes for businesses in the future predicting a $600 billion hyperautomation software market in 2022.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is the process of creating a physical network of devices that use sensors, software, and other technologies that have the capability to transfer data over a network without human-computer interaction. These devices are used in industrial tools as well as consumer household products. This technology can be used to optimize your business and increase profitability by giving insights that can help you to streamline processes, examples of this include remote monitoring, facilities management, and manufacturing process optimization.

In past years, IoT technology has been the center of much excitement but has failed to gain a solid foothold in industry. The challenges posed by COVID-19 in the last 2 years have changed that with organizations looking to move towards remote operations as much as possible leading them to turn to IoT-enabled technologies. Experts predict not only a rise in IoT technologies in 2022 but also an increase in IoT security support as the potential for hacking these networks rises.

These technologies represent the tip of the iceberg in current developments being talked about by experts with many more in development or hitting the market now. The amount of emerging technologies in 2022 is certainly very large making this an exciting time. 

As we see these technologies implemented across the world there will be new opportunities to expand on how we use them in industry and our lives. To stay relevant, businesses need to keep up with the fast pace of progress to take advantage of all of the tools available to them and maximize their impact. If you are interested in leveraging the latest in technology combined with years of expertise for your electronic design project, please contact Franklin Innovation today.