Electronic Circuit Design by Franklin Innovation.

Our proven electronic circuit design involves thorough prototype development produced with proven tools, components and suppliers.

Electronic circuits & schematics are developed into laboratory prototypes, bench-tested, & optimized.
The proven circuitry is then developed into a multi-layer printed circuit board to UL, CSA, and VDE standards.
Our board layout optimizes product performance and life.

Tremendous technical knowledge and skills utilized numerous times on critical project. Works through difficult problems with ease. Highly professional, on-time, and on-budget. Provided above-and-beyond results in every collaborative technical effort.

– Senior Materials Engineer, Air Force Research Labs

Electronic Circuit Design

Your specific requirements drive the layout and size of the printed circuit board that we layout.  Depending on the signal types on the board, we may need heavy copper traces to carry high current, or we may need thin short copper traces to minimize the resistance and inductive loading of delicate sensor signals that include micro or nano Volt signatures that must be preserved.

We have the experience and capability to switch thousands of Volts on the same printed circuit board that must include a sensitive micro-controller.  This is a bit challenging due to the extremely high noise generated by the switching high voltages.  However, there are proven ways to design such a PCB, and include components that absolutely isolate and absorb such noise. 

Franklin Innovation 3D Electronic Design Model
3D Model of Electronic Design for Medical PCB
Bozeman Medical PCB Design
Printed Circuit Board Design for Medical Product
Bozeman Medical PCB Proto-type
Assembled PCB For Medical Product
Bozeman Laser Ultrasonic Design
Ultra Low Noise HIgh Gain Amplifier PCB Design for Laser Ultrasonic NDI System
Bozeman Scientific Laboratory Electronic Design
High Performance Nano-Second Pulse Width Electronic Circuit for Scientific Laboratory
Bozeman Rail Road electronics
Prototype PCB Electronic Design for Rail Road Car Monitoring
Bozeman High Performance Filter Design
High Performance Band-pass Passive Filter Electrical Engineering Design
Bozeman PCB Design
Miniature Surface Mount Electronic Printed Circuit Board Design
Bozeman High Voltage Electronic Design
Large Production PCB 5kV SS Relays with On-board Microprocessor