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Franklin Innovation can help you with your exciting product development and electronic design needs.

Franklin Innovation can first generate all of your electronic hardware & software requirements, based on the features that you need your product to include.


Then, Franklin Innovation can take these requirements and complete all of the electronic hardware and software design.


Franklin Innovation will complete your project on-time, on-budget, and deliver the functional proof-of-concept prototype for your review.


Success of this best-effort approach is assured by our thorough systems engineering approach to every project, big or small.


Decades of electronic design experience has honed our systems engineering process so that you may now leverage our expert capability.


Franklin Innovation begins your project by creating a block diagram to quantify the requirements.


This detailed scope of your project requirements, is then used to begin the risk mitigation.


All significant risks are documented and prioritized. Then each risk is answered with a detailed mitigation strategy and tactics.


Now with a much clearer picture of your exciting project, a detailed milestone schedule is laid out.


These milestones typically include:


– Flow charts of the software.

– Bench-tested electronic schematics.

– 3D models to verify form-fit & function.

– Well organized & commented software.

– Bill-of-materials.

– Functional proof-of-concept prototype.

Proof of Concept at Franklin Innovation

Develop Proof-Of-Concept

Many problems arise from needing to sense or control things in the real “analog” world. Franklin Innovation has the electronics and software expertise to tie the “digital” world of computers to the “analog” real world.


Scientific method is used to solve complex problems with proven technology.

Sample Schedule for Electronic Design at Franklin Innovation

System Design

Detailed system engineering approach: acceptance criteria, milestone schedule, block diagrams, connection diagrams,  flow charts, risk mitigation, bill-of-materials & reviews with the client for enhanced optimization at each step of the design process.


Well organized systems engineering leads to shorter development time, lower costs, optimized performance, & client understanding & confidence based on clear visibility of progress, obstacles, and results.

Sample Electronic Design Schematic - Franklin Innovation

Electronic circuit Design

Electronic circuits & schematics are developed into laboratory prototypes, bench-tested, & optimized.


The proven circuitry is then developed into a multi-layer printed circuit board to UL, CSA, and VDE standards.


Our electronic solutions are produced with proven tools, components, and suppliers.


Our board layout optimizes product performance and life.

CAD Image of Software Analysis at Franklin Innovation

Software Design

Software capabilities and expertise include:  C language programming;  image analysis algorithm development; micro-controller coding; and much more. 


User interface enhancements optimize operation & flexibility.


All software is carefully flow charted to model the performance prior to coding.

System Integration at Franklin Innovation

System Integration

A reliable instrument or test system is the result of careful and thoughtful attention to all details. 


Each block of system is isolated, reviewed, tested, and optimized. 


Solutions include differentiation features by utilizing proven cutting edge technologies. 


A combination of commercial-off-the-shelf and custom hardware & software,  reduce development time & costs, while improving the supportability.

Examples of Laboratory Electronic Design at Franklin Innovation


Decades of experience serving the advanced electronic design requirements of Fortune 100 companies as well as government/military organizations.

Examples of Electronic Design


Outsourcing allows you to gain all of the benefits of our experience and extensive tool set, while avoiding the high costs of developing these resources in-house.

Bozeman electronic design

systems engineering process

An organized approach, with disciplined focus naturally evolves and improves.  Documentation and visibility optimize progress and accountability.


Our chief engineer honed his systems engineering process while working for General Dynamics.  These folks build nuclear submarines … their systems engineering is so impressive, perhaps they invented it?

3D Model Franklin Innovation Bozeman


We have been providing our electronic design expertise since 2005. Clients are here in the U.S.A., Europe & Asia. Our feasible solutions utilize proven technologies. We moved our electronic design labs to Bozeman, Montana in 2013.


Electronic design is an exciting creative process that requires specialty tools and broad technical knowledge.


For the 3D mechanical design of the product housing we prefer Salient Technologies.  They provide comprehensive design capabilities across many industries.  Their designers make it look simple, and are an absolute joy to work with on challenging projects.

Mark Franklin

Founder, published inventor and award winning electronics designer will help you realize your greatest product dreams.


Mark’s education and experience specialty is electronic design.  This
includes 5000 Volt test system electronics, as well as precise signal processing of nano Volts.


Much of his work has been developing electronics and probes for non-destructive inspection of materials and aerospace structures.


He particularly likes those opportunities that require that a solution be developed using electronics. 

Bozeman Electronic Designer



“Excellent and experienced electrical engineer with a vast knowledge in electronic design principles and with innovative approaches to solve tough problems.

Thinking out of the box is his biggest forte.”

— Senior Research Physicist, Fortune 500 Military Client

“In the future, all of our test stand projects will be organized and developed using the Franklin Innovation systems engineering approach.”

— Automation Manager, Global Materials Company

“Tremendous technical knowledge and skills utilized numerous times on critical project.

Works through difficult problems with ease. Highly professional, on-time, and on-budget.

Provided above-and-beyond results in every collaborative technical effort.”

— Senior Materials Engineer, Air Force Research Labs

“Franklin Innovation exceeded our requirements and expectations.

This test stand is now the standard by which we judge test systems.

I look forward to using Franklin Innovation services again.”

— R & D Engineering Manager, Fortune 1000 Commercial Client

“I could not be more pleased with the performance of Franklin Innovation on this structural health monitoring development project.”

— Lead Engineer, Commercial R & D Company

“Provided engineering and design support to me over many years.

Ably met expectations of performance and cost. 

Can work with limited information on open ended tasks and provide options for their completion. 

Wholeheartedly recommend his company to others.”

— Chief Technical Officer, High Technology Company



Experience – Enough said.


Fixed Scope – Minimizing Changes for Each Version.


Cutting-Edge Experience & Disciplined Focus on Fixed Scope = In-Budget & On-Time Success.

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“Inventor for hire” turns your ideas into prototypes and products.

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