System Integration Engineering Service by Franklin Innovation.

Our proven system integration process uses commercial & custom hardware & software to reduce cost while improving supportability.

A reliable instrument or test system is the result of careful and thoughtful attention to all details. 
Each block of system is isolated, reviewed, tested, and optimized. 
Solutions include differentiation features by utilizing proven cutting edge technologies. 
A combination of commercial-off-the-shelf and custom hardware & software,  reduce development time & costs, while improving the supportability.

In the future, all of our test stand projects will be organized and developed using the Franklin Innovation systems engineering approach.

– Automation Manager, Global Material Company

Laboratory Instruments for Scientific Research

We design custom electronic circuits for scientific research laboratories.  Advanced temperature controlled linear amplifiers at RF frequencies is a recent example of such deliverables.  We carefully gather the performance requirements by discussing the specific features and functions that the scientist needs the electronic instrument to provide.  When the design is complete, assembled and tested, we perform a certification test and preserve this data for the client via screen shots of the spectrum analyzer, oscilloscope, or other appropriate measurement tools in-house.

Bozeman Custom Scientific Laboratory Electronic Design
Advanced Electronic Design of Nano Pulse Generator for Scientific Laboratory
Bozeman Advanced Electronic Design for Scientific Laboratory
Electronic Design of Temperature Controlled Amplifier for Scientific Laboratory
Bozeman High Voltage Electronic Design
Advanced Electronic Design of High Voltage Power Supply for Scientific Laboratory