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Franklin Innovation can first generate all of your electronic hardware & software requirements, based on the features that you need your product to include.
Then, Franklin Innovation can take these requirements and complete all of the electronic hardware and software design.
Franklin Innovation will complete your project on-time, on-budget, and deliver the functional proof-of-concept prototype for your review.
Success of this best-effort approach is assured by our thorough systems engineering approach to every project, big or small.
Decades of electronic design experience has honed our systems engineering process so that you may now leverage our expert capability.
Franklin Innovation begins your project by creating a block diagram to quantify the requirements.
This detailed scope of your project requirements, is then used to begin the risk mitigation.
All significant risks are documented and prioritized. Then each risk is answered with a detailed mitigation strategy and tactics.
Now with a much clearer picture of your exciting project, a detailed milestone schedule is laid out.
These milestones typically include:
– Flow charts of the software.
– Bench-tested electronic schematics.
– 3D models to verify form-fit & function.
– Well organized & commented software.
– Bill-of-materials.
– Functional proof-of-concept prototype.

In the future, all of our test stand projects will be organized and developed using the Franklin Innovation systems engineering approach.

– Automation Manager, Global Materials Company

Our Services

We have a track record of taking very challenging problems and developing solutions that are truly feasible in the real world.  Many of these solutions are the result of the common need to inspect materials and aerostructures without doing any damage to the test specimen. 
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Develop Proof of Concept

Scientific method is used to solve complex problems with proven technology.

Electronic Circuit Design

Our electronic solutions are produced with proven tools, components, and suppliers.

System Design

Well organized systems engineering leads to shorter development time, lower costs, optimized performance, & client understanding & confidence based on clear visibility of progress, obstacles, and results.

Software Design

Software capabilities and expertise include:  C language programming;  image analysis algorithm development; micro-controller coding; and much more. 

System Integration

A combination of commercial-off-the-shelf and custom hardware & software,  reduce development time & costs, while improving the supportability.